Back strength exercise

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New article today about strength training. I wanted to talk about back strength exercices, beacause as you know, back muscles are so important and often we use to forget them and neglect them especially the lumbar muscle zone. So i wanted to share with why back muscle are very essential strenghten , and their implication in our life on a daily basis. Let’s GO !

Posture and Back Muscle

The back is made up of 3 movable zones and a fixed zone

  • The cervical area
  • The thoracic area
  • The lumbar area

A fixed area

  • the sacrum and coccyx

There are two types of muscles in the back

  • The superficial muscles, see the image
    These are the visible and most commonly known and worked muscles
  • The deep muscles: see the diagram
    They are involved in maintaining the spine, particularly for posture, but also for movement in flexion, extension, rotation.
    To have a healthy back, you need deep and superficial muscles that are both strong and flexible, to ensure good fixation and mobility of the different vertebrae, to ensure balance.

  • Bad posture can be caused by
  • Excessive maintenance in terms of time in a sitting or standing position, or an inappropriate movement in relation to the body’s actual capacity, can cause pain, muscle or joint stiffness, or even a loss of tone or joint or muscle flexibility.- plan-
  • To remedy this, it will be necessary to work both the deep and superficial muscles, at the cervical, thoracic and lumbar level, associated with stretching exercises.
  • Today we will mainly focus on superficial and deep back exercises.

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