⭐Meditate or relax for 15 minutes everyday 🧘🏾

Hi ! New article today about meditation. I wanted to talk about my personnal perspective about it. A new way to perceive meditation and its potential benefits.

  • Meditation comes from the latin “meditare” which mean “to contemplate”. It is a practice that consists of training the mind that it frees itself from negative and harmful thougths. Also for me it is a practice that allows the relaxation of the body, by relaxing the mind. And it is very useful in our society where we live with excessive stress due to our lifestyle, and what we need to do everyday.

Meditation can be a space where you allow your mind and your body to relax even if its just a couple of minutes in a day.

  • For me, by discovering yoga and relaxation/meditation had opened my mind to focus more on me on me on an energetical level, and change some behaviour, and maybe it will lead you to change your life.

  • In effect when you are relax, you want to spread this energy of calm in different aspect of your life, in your emotions, in your communications skills, or in your job.

Sometimes it lead to a change of your professionnal career, job or relationships, which are not in harmony with this new energy you discovered of yourself.

  • So i really do think that starting meditation or relaxation tend to live in a life where we can do thing in a different manner with more calm and less stress, and respect more our body energetically.

  • Thank you so much, i hope this article was helpful for you !

Take care of yourself


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